We partner founders to accelerate their ideas to market.

Direct Investments.

Our principal activity is to make direct investments in enterprises. 

We invest across different sectors, including:

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning ("AI/ML/DL")

  • Augmented reality/virtual reality

  • Biotechnology

  • Data analytics

  • Drone technology

  • Distributed ledger technology/Blockchain

  • Education technology ("EduTech")

  • Electronic commerce platforms

  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

  • Financial services technology ("FinTech")

  • Logistics

  • Productivity applications

  • Robotics

  • Space technology ("SpaceTech")


We are oriented towards seed-stage and early-stage investments.  We seek to back exceptional entrepreneurs with a proven track record of growing businesses.  We favour projects focusing on a large addressable market and have a clear worldview of the future.  We support teams that understand and embrace the nature of competition.

We invest in both private and public markets.  We are flexible in the form of investment, and this covers equity, debt and derivatives.

We are not seeking to raise any funds.